COVID-19 - Krav Maga Leeds

COVID-19 - Krav Maga Leeds Actions - Update

With the new updates from the Government mandating that all Gyms, restuarants, cafes, cinemas etc... close with immediate affect I'm afraid we really have no option but to follow this guidance and cancel all classes until the shut down is reversed.

I know you all love your training and will miss this but cancelled classes does not mean cancelled training. There are large elements of our syllabus that can be practiced alone in a relatively small space. (Your home) Basic exercise and fitness can also be done without apparatus or big open spaces so challenge yourselves to stay fit and active (It's important to your health and wellbeing and staying fit can only help if the worst happens and you do contract the virus. A healthy body will deal with it a lot quicker.)

Other training options:

  • As mentioned above home training is recommended as a start.

  • If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise at home then check out the Krav Maga Leeds Page & group on Facebook each day as I'll be setting daily fitness and krav practice challenges for you (Just simple 20 minute challenges.

  • If enough people are intereested I'm considering running some Livestream training sessions from the Gym probably using something like Zoom as it's free to download and use on computer or smartphone (email: if this is of interest to you.)

Keep checking both here and on the Krav Maga Leeds Facebook group & page for updates.

Stay safe folks As always please keep up to date with the official Government Information:

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