COVID-19 - Krav Maga Leeds

COVID-19 - Krav Maga Leeds Actions - Update

With the latest updates and recomendations from the Government many organisations are taking further steps to slow the spread of the virus, Leeds Beckett Uni today shut down it's onsite classes and lectures and a number of it's fitness classes.

This being the case we have little option but to put Wednesday classes on hold until the delay measures are reversed. (LBU has suspended all activity until end of April)

Other Classes:

Until such time as we are officially on lock down and gyms are requested to close their doors we will continue the to run our Thursday & Sunday classes at Sindrome MMA as normal. (We will of course continue to follow all of the guidance from the government around hygiene and reducing the risk of spread.)

We will also be taking these additional measures:

* Lessons will focus on elements of the syllabus that require minimum direct contact (e.g. padwork, forms, weapon skills).

* We are recommending that you bring your own gloves and if you have them focus pads, so that we can reduce the risk of transferring anything that way. (Otherwise we will avoid using the shared gear.)

* And of course we will maintain good hand Hygiene and wash on entry and exit from the gym.

At some point it is clear that we will have to close down the classes but we will keep going as long as we can as exercise and fitness is still a key part of good health. (Updates will follow when we I have them)

Stay safe folks, see you in Thursday/Sunday class if you can make it.As always please keep up to date with the official Government Information:

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