Yogi's Love Krav Maga. Who Knew?

We recently finished a 6 week course on basic Krav Maga and self defence principles at the Fantastic Yoga Hero at Clarence Dock in Leeds. Turns out Yogis love Krav Maga... Who knew? (It also turns out that some of us Kravists Love Yoga too.)

We genuinely had a great time teaching this group and hope that they got as much out of it as we did.

I think they may have done because it looks like we'll be going back in October/November to do it all over again. (Really looking forward to it too.)

I also can't recommend Yoga Hero highly enough, they are a great club, especially if you are new to yoga and feeling a little nervous about trying it out. So if it's something you always wanted to do but feel like you would be out of your depth, put those thoughts to the back of your mind and sign up for one of their classes.

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